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SunPillar is the first Synthetic Biology Company, founded in 1997.
Our mission is to translate biological constructs into viable human therapeutics.
SunPillar has the first issued patents to riboregulators (U.S. Patent Issued 2001, No. 6,323,00) and owns multiple patents
in the US, Canada and Europe.

Our foundational technology, Nucline 5-3, is the first patented ribonucleic drug and is
capable of delivering a genetic message to a cell based on the genes the cell expresses.
Simply, Nucline is a nanomolecular cellular robot capable of executing specific instructions to reprogram or even kill a cell.
Currently, SunPillar is involved in development of anti-cancer & antiviral  therapeutics, nanosensors, and licensing.  
SunPillar is a privately owned company. 

 Translating agene or gene profile into a drug can require years of development and hundreds of millions in R&D costs.

SunPillar's exclusive technology allows a company to bypass this arduous and expensive step. Nucline lets a company put their own gene or gene profile into the drug for detection. If the genes are present, then Nucline is activated to produce a gene of the researcher's choice.
Nucline can be synthesized in 24-48 hours, so the drug is ready in days not years.

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